The importance of membership in the Union

First: Policies

Stone industry facilities operate in a business environment full of challenges that require the union to defend the interests of its members and represent them before all governmental and foreign agencies and the private sector in general. Membership in the union enables you to protect your business. In this regard, the union works on the following:
  • Follow up on all laws, procedures and decisions related to the stone industry on an ongoing basis and monitor all changes and developments
  • The Union builds its solid and carefully considered positions, which are discussed and presented at all levels depending on the situation
  • The Federation is a member of the General Federation of Palestinian Industries and benefits from strategic industrial services
Real-life examples:
  1. The Union’s continuous movement towards all unjust decisions against this industry
  2. Research and study the laws and procedures regulating this sector, determine priorities, and seek to make appropriate amendments to them
  3. Preserving the reputation of the stone industry and developing and facilitating export procedures in partnership with the Ministry of National Economy (where export procedures were modified and entered into force)
  4. Protecting the stone product from fierce competition
  5. Organizing competition among union members
  6. Adjusting prices and trying to raise the profit margin for producers

Second: Facilitating trade and access to markets

  • Facilitating the entry of products into the Israeli market 
  • Finding solutions to many obstacles at border crossings 
  • Enhancing teamwork and joint coordination among members and organizing the issue of loading and shipping

Third: Promoting exports

  • A strong partnership exclusively with the Palestinian Trade Center
  • Participating in regional and international exhibitions and providing support in this regard
  • Identifying the most important markets in order to target them or enhance work with them
  • Building promotional capabilities for members

Fourth: development and improvement

  • Providing supporting opportunities in solar energy
  • Providing supportive opportunities in water recycling and the use of juicers and other green technology
  • Preparing specialized programs to build members’ capabilities in several fields
  • Promoting quality improvement and facilitating obtaining priority quality certificates

Joining the Union membership:

Basic conditions:

  • To have a manufacturing facility within the value chain (factory, quarry, crusher, workshop)
  • The facility must be licensed by the Ministry of National Economy (company registration certificate or licensed operator) or it must have applied for a license.
Note: The merchant is for those who do not have an industrial facility. We regret that he cannot be affiliated, as he does not meet the basic conditions.

Attachments required for those who meet the basic conditions above:

  1. Photos of partners’ IDs.
  2. A copy of the Ministry of National Economy license.
  3. A copy of the application for a Ministry of Economy license.
  4. A copy of the licensed worker.
  5. A copy of the company registration certificate.
  6. A copy of the building permit.